Fuel & Gas Boilers

Elissa is the sole distributor of some of the most important fuel and heating boilers in the market with:

- BaxiRoca

- Spain Heat

with a wide range of products for different use.

- Gas Fired Wall-mounted electronic boilers Digital control panel , Can be located between kitchen fi ttings , Stainless steel thermal heat exchanger , Respects the environment by low pollutant emissions and use of recyclable materials , Quiet operation , Automatic by-pass to prevent overheating , Frost protection, enabling you to go without worrying about the rigours of winter

- White Goods cast-iron boilers with rated outputs from 25,800 to 52,460 kcal/h for hot water central heating systems up to 3 bar and 95 °C. Open fl ue. Cast-iron boilers with rated outputs from 71,400 to 299,100 kcal/h for hot water central heating systems up to 5 bar and 110 °C. Cast-iron heating units, with heat outputs from 18,000 to 50,000 kcal/h, for hot-water heating installations of up to 6 bar and 100 °C. High efficiency . Electronic temperature and pressure sensors . Steel boiler with rated outputs from 50,000 to 1,500.000 kcal/h for hot water central heating systems up to 8 bar and 100°C.

- Steel Heating Units with a rated output of 20,000 to 29,000 kcal/h, with or without Domestic Hot Water production, for hot water central heating systems up to 3 bar. Totally cooled combustion chamber. Ultra quiet operation thanks to its carefully designed sound-proofing. 

- Condensation steel Heating Units , High instantaneous performances of 102% and seasonal performances close to 105% , Higher level of insulation for minimal losses to the environment. Programming, anti-freeze, legionella (with accumulator tank) and self-diagnosis features.